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Why Telemarketing Software Matters in Fundraising

August 08, 2013
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

The school year is getting ready to start throughout the country, spurring a number of organizations to view the upcoming months as the opportunity for something new. Whether you have children in school, take classes yourself or simply gain exposure to back-to-school specials by way of commercials, the reality is the arrival of fall provides the perfect time to launch a new campaign.

In the telemarketing world, this is a common phenomenon. Any opportunity to launch a new campaign with solid results is a positive focus. For telemarketing software provider, VanillaSoft, the new school year is the perfect time to focus on its phonathon and tele-fundraising software as it’s often used by schools trying to raise funds, awareness and support. The company shares a few of the perks provided in its solution in a recent blog post.

Tired of manual dialing? Progressive phone dialing is designed to increase contact rates and eliminate much of the manual activity that goes into traditional dialing. When blended with next-best call logic, call results are significantly increased. According to VanillaSoft, progressive dialing alone can increase contact rates by as much as 40 percent. With next-best call logic, the highest value donors are put at the top of the list so they can be reached first.

Scripting can often be a challenge in the busy call center. Logical branch scripting as part of telemarketing software can ensure the mission and vision are completely clear and readily visible to all agents. This is important in situations where volunteers or even students are doing the calling. When scripts are provided, they have an easier time managing the interaction.

Adding integrated e-mail to the mix can often deliver positive results as it ensures the fundraising team is aligned. In other words, everyone is using the same message, the same template design and communicates the value. Plus, each donor communication is recorded and stored within the call history. This call recording provides the coordinator with access to quality control checks and monitoring for all training opportunities and optimal telemarketing success.

Finally, the performance dashboard within the telemarketing software provides the administrator (or coordinator) with real-time access into the progress and success of the campaign at any given moment. It also allows for the ranking of the best donor, fundraiser and messaging to help improve campaign success throughout and in the future.

The ultimate goal with any fundraising campaign is to make direct contact with a potential lead or donor that is ready to make a positive decision. With the right telemarketing software on hand, the process gets a little easier.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey