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Why Telemarketing Software Gets a Bad Name

August 16, 2013
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Telemarketing companies have a bad reputation. Whether it’s the result of calling too often during the dinner hour, not taking “no” for an answer or simply calling too many times until they get a response, the reality is that too many consumers have a less-than-friendly opinion of agents on the other end of the line.

There are a number of reputable telemarketing companies around that rely on telemarketing software and other tools to ensure they are in compliance with industry regulations, following the desires of the customer base and adhering to the guidelines necessary to deliver on an effective campaign.

What’s killing their reputations, however, are those unscrupulous individuals who find loopholes to get around the rules and try to dupe the individual on the other end of the line. This is what happened in Denver when Raymond B. Jones Jr. and his companies relied on deceptive tactics to device nearly 5,000 customers into fraudulent contracts.

The telemarketing scheme focused on magazine subscriptions that netted Jones a healthy sum. When caught, however, he was found guilty of fraudulent behavior and is now facing more than $3.7 million in fines. A separate agreement was reached with Jones’ mother, who has agreed to a permanent ban on participation in any telemarketing for magazine subscriptions.

While this type of situation is not as common as it seems, we do tend to continue to see reports of criminal behavior by those using legitimate businesses as a front. At times, the criminal is the one with their name on the door. In other situations, it’s someone on the call center floor who has decided access to a customer’s personal information is exactly what they need to beef up their own bank accounts.

Regardless of the organization, any time a crime is committed in telemarketing, it impacts the entire industry. That’s why telemarketing software provider VanillaSoft is focused on providing assured compliance for all clients and their campaigns. The company has a solid partnership with Gryphon Networks and its TeleBlock solution.

This Best-in-Class lead routing ensures each contact is checked against state and federal DNC lists before it is officially routed. As a result, the contact won’t appear to the salesperson if a clean number doesn’t exist. This way, the salesperson never has the opportunity to decide to take a chance on someone who doesn’t want to receive the call and the center doesn’t have to lose productivity.

Plus, VanillaSoft and its customers benefit from the Gryphon 100 percent guarantee. Companies can easily manage consumer contact preferences while activities are indemnified and 100 percent compliant with Do-Not-Contact regulations across all relevant marketing channels.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey