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Telemarketing Solutions Provider VanillaSoft Adds Appointment Setting to the Sales Arsenal

August 28, 2013
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

While it’s easy to forget when we’re on the receiving end of calls, telemarketing is simply a tool for sales teams, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer. It’s an important weapon in the arsenal of a successful sales organization, as it can help guide the sales process, keep track of and prioritize leads, shift the focus for the sales team according to standards set by sales management, and keep sales personnel up-to-date with customer and prospect information. In essence, it helps “warm” sales calls before they happen.

Telemarketing solutions can also save a great deal of time. Coupled with the use of outbound dialers that can identify the best times to call and place calls automatically, sales teams can save time and maximize their productivity. In pursuit of the latter goals, telemarketing solutions provider VanillaSoft recently added a new appointment setting feature to its flagship solution, and to launch it, the company produced a “Feature Focus” video that describes the new appointment setting feature.

Appointments, of course, are a great selling tool as they allow sales personnel to make their pitch at the best possible time with prospects. By building this feature into its telemarketing software, VanillaSoft is helping clients create a more dynamic sales environment. Classified as a “new result action,” the feature can be used to schedule appointments for both VanillaSoft users and external agents. The appointment parameters are fully customizable, letting users choose when appointments can be scheduled, who can set appointments and how appointment notifications in e-mail form, either plain text or customized, should be distributed, and when.

Individuals set up as administrators can simply log in to VanillaSoft and click on “configure appointments” to be walked through the easy set-up process. Administrators can choose the beginning time and end time appointments may be made to ensure that appointments don’t start too early or last too long, and can designate a maximum number of appointments for that day.

The feature works with both Gmail and Google (News - Alert) Calendars and Outlook for maximum integration and allowing for a complete two-way sync between parties.

The end result is a maximization of selling time and automation that frees sales managers and call center supervisors to do their real jobs: assist in the selling and customer support process. For more information about the solution, visit

Edited by Stefania Viscusi