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Why Telemarketing Software Matters for Authentic Connections

September 05, 2013
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

The thought of a telemarketing representative calling your house during the evening meal may not sound like your idea of a good time. An agent instead calling your office line in the middle of the day may not be as offensive. But what if your number is on the Do Not Call List and the volume of calls keeps increasing?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, this appears to be the case. Since 2011, consumer complaints regarding telemarketing calls have increased 63 percent. And many of these calls are being completed with automated systems, annoying the customers on the other end of the line. The perpetrators are not the companies that invest in solid telemarketing software solutions, but instead those want the technology that circumvents the system.

While these unscrupulous marketers are able to avoid state and federal Do Not Call List guidelines, they are also able to reduce the overall cost of completing calls. As a result, more calls are made and more consumers get upset. Plus, according to industry experts, many of these calls are coming from other countries.

This is where VoIP gets a bad name as companies are using the Internet, or Voice over IP, to complete calls. It’s easier to offshore operations and put them outside of FCC (News - Alert) jurisdiction. The government currently reports that 145,000 complaints were filed by residents in Pennsylvania alone last year. While some did admit they are not yet on the Do Not Call List, there are several experts warning that such a placement won’t stop the phone from ringing.

Duquesne University professor Audrey Guskey noted that charitable organizations are still allowed to make calls. If a consumer has ever done business with a particular company, they are also allowed to make a call. In many instances, the consumer gave the company the permission to call, without realizing that was what they were doing when making a purchase. And, if an election is underway, those calls can come in as well.

Consumers do have a defense mechanism in the Caller ID. If the call is coming in from a number or location with which they are unfamiliar, they can easily ignore the call. It may keep them from wasting time answering the line, but it won’t necessarily keep the phone from ringing. When deploying this strategy on my own, I’ve noticed the same number will keep trying endlessly.

Companies deploying telemarketing as a proven strategy to do business with real customers employ telemarketing software in an effort to abide by the rules, deliver a great experience for the customer and generate positive returns. Without these three, the calls are nothing short of annoying and fail to produce positive outcomes.


Edited by Rachel Ramsey