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Telemarketing Software 101: The Benefits

September 12, 2013
By Michelle Amodio - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Despite newer methods of marketing, from social to mobile, telemarketing still has its place as far as getting leads, making a sale and getting business are concerned. Inefficiency is an understatement when you think about how calls were once conducted -- telemarketers used leads from a printed book and marked their lists with highlighters as they made their calls. Nowadays we have technology to bring telemarketing into a new era, specifically in the form of telemarketing software.

Telemarketing software is designed to make lots of list-based sales calls and setting appointments. It makes outbound telemarketing calls generate leads for your product or service, it can be used for market research activities and it increases the efficiency of staff.

Another benefit of telemarketing software is it’s beneficial for all types of agencies, irrespective of scale and size. It has been designed to boost call productivity exponentially, as well as handle the distribution of leads to sales people. Lead generation is an essential connector between marketing and sales that decides how successfully a firm can bring in new business and grow revenue.

Telemarketing software covers a wide range of tools that can help build leads and keep everyone on the same page, literally and figuratively, as leads are called and relationships are made. When putting together a lead generation system, it is important to have all the components in place. This means that both the software component of a lead generation system as well as the human part.

A good software solution can also optimize outbound campaign strategies by using demographic data, customer profiles, account histories, and regulatory and contractual conformance statistics to target the right people, increase sales, and maximize productivity. Users can also manage contacts.

Telemarketing software gives you the tools you need to improve call handling times, increase sales and expand prospect contact opportunities by boosting campaign penetration rates and driving contact rates.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey