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Telemarketers Have to Navigate Verbal Obstacle Course to Gain Success

September 24, 2013
By Oliver VanDervoort - Contributing Writer

When you are working in an outbound call center, there are a few things to keep in mind when getting ready to make those calls and make sure your calls are successful. On the flip side, there are a few things that will only lead to disaster if you decide to ignore them.

The first thing that every telemarketer needs to keep in mind is that the way to “win” the phone call is to make sure that you are controlling the phone call. That doesn’t mean that you just talk over whoever answered the phone -- all that will do is lead to a hang-up. Instead, successful marketers need to be able to find a way to keep the person on the phone while still controlling the context of the call.

One thing that a telemarketer must be able to do is adapt quickly. Flexibility is going to be a big factor when you are making marketing calls because any wrong response or pause could change the direction the call heads. One way to do this is to pre-determine your response to a question, but this doesn’t mean that you want to take a script and read straight from every response.

It will be much better if you actually learn how to respond to a caller’s response so you can do it like you are not reading off a script. The more natural your responses are, the better the interaction will be. As most telemarketers know, the “yes” responses are always going to be quite a bit easier to handle than the responses that amount to “no”.

There will always be rejections when conducting telemarketing calls. The key is to leave the callers with a positive impression that is professional and courteous so the prospects will still be willing to get in touch in the future.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey