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Steps to Effective B2B Telemarketing

September 26, 2013
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

While many people shy away from the concept of “telemarketing” (it has a bit of a bad rep thanks to decades of abuse by bad apples), outbound sales is telemarketing, and it remains an important tool for the sales process. When it’s done on a business-to-business (B2B) basis, understanding the processes of effective telemarketing can go a long way toward improving the success of the B2B sales process.

Writing for Business2Community, Callbox Inc’s Belinda Summers recently outlined the steps that B2B sales teams working in a customer relationship management (CRM) environment should follow to boost the likelihood of success in the outbound telemarketing process.

 Dial. While it seems obvious, too many companies still resort to manual dialing, which is laborious and time-wasting. Using a dialing solution can help significantly increase productivity.

Connect. Just because you’ve dialed doesn’t mean you’re going to connect. This is another place where an effective dialer can help. A predictive dialer can help a sales team make a maximum number of connections each hour, using algorithms that will help raise the likelihood of a live connection.

Converse. This is an area where skill, rather than technology, is required. The dialer may have opened the door for you, but having an effective pitch is what will keep it open. While sticking to the salient points is important, reading off a script is robotic and likely to turn off prospects.

Reach and qualify. This is where you determine whether you’re aiming the right message to the right organization. Once you’ve determined that, qualifying means you need to ensure that you’ve got the right person on the phone: someone with buying power.

Understand. This involves listening to prospects, understanding their existing processes and solutions and offering solutions or systems that can improve operations for them. A good salesperson is at least as good a listener as he/she is a talker.

Readying. According to Summers, if you have done the sales leads nurturing process right, this is the right time to ask for the prospect’s business.

The perfect blend of technology and skill is what’s needed to succeed in the B2B telemarketing environment. Ensuring you are making the right pitch to the right person at the right time is where the magic happens. This can allow companies to find and qualify new customers – the lifeblood of any business – ensuring the sales pipeline remains full at all times.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey