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Telemarketing Firms a Win for B2B Business

October 04, 2013
By Michelle Amodio - Telemarketing Software Contributor

If you run a business, you’re going to need some marketing. If you’re a small business, how and when you market is a big deal, as it is going to make or break future sales. When sales matter, you need something that targets better than something as broad as television or the Internet. Telemarketing is, believe it or not, a tried and true method of marketing that can show positive results.

Perhaps you’re a small business that doesn’t have the workforce power to dedicate to making calls. This is when a telemarketing firm can help drum up leads and business to keep the revenue numbers on the upswing.

Telemarketing firms are comprised exclusively of skilled professionals who are trained in solution-selling. With an outsourced firm, there is no more recruiting of telemarketers or sales professionals, and no more training or supervising teleworkers. An outsourced telemarketing function doesn’t need a vacation or compassionate leave. It is always there, always on for when you need it.

Telemarketing involves two-way communications; this makes the relationship with the customers more personal and interactive. This also strengthens customer loyalty and improves the image of the brand name of the company. By relying on someone else to do the job, you’re able to manage that “at-home” tasks in the office and meeting or exceeding the demands of your customers and new sales leads.

None of this is any good, of course, if the firm you’re employing isn’t using up-to-date technology. Telemarketing software has become the industry standard for call centers and lead generators because it increases agent productivity, streamlines lead management and eliminates downtime.

Solutions like VanillaSoft telemarketing software are designed to increase revenue. Managers can track every lead from beginning to end and see an increase in client outbound calls. VanillaSoft offers complete transparency of activity and results, leading to better campaigns and more effective and successful calls.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey