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How to Generate Quality Leads with Telemarketing Software

October 28, 2013
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

What does it mean to have more leads? Does it always mean you will have more sales? Or does it simply mean you will have more people to call? Traditional sales strategies generally focus on getting as many leads in the pipeline as possible, but is this the most effective strategy or should you simply focus on better quality leads?

A recent VanillaSoft blog focused on the concept of quality over quantity. The telemarketing software provider highlighted how easy it is to get caught up in the concept of more leads, missing the opportunity to increase your close rate and improve overall sales revenue. While it appears to go against conventional wisdom, the concept is really just about working smarter instead of harder.

Fortunately, VanillaSoft also offered some tips to help you refine your approach to lead generation so you can concentrate on quality leads and how to manage them more effectively.

How you communicate matters – potential customers have to understand your messaging if you expect them to act. If the main point of your message is to shout your praises, it is likely to be overlooked. Instead, make sure it’s written for the individual receiving it and how you can solve their problems.

This messaging focus must be correct whether it’s for your email blast or your call script in the call center. If your messaging is not concise, consistent and focused on the customer, it’s not going to be effective. Be sure the message focuses on solving problems and not just touting product features.

Lead scoring matters – it’s never good to ignore those great leads, but can happen when there are too many to manage. A great scoring system helps to create a more predictable sales funnel. Lead management software, such as that offered by VanillaSoft, can prioritize the leads and ensure those with the highest value are worked by the rep best suited to close them.

Timing of lead distribution matters – if your lead management software doesn’t automate real-time lead distribution, you could easily be missing the opportunity to act on certain leads. Next-best-call routing logic helps to push the next best lead to the right sales person to prevent cherry picking. The idea is close all quality leads, not just those that are the easiest to complete.

Regardless of the telemarketing campaign, the idea is always to focus on how best to close a sale. If that focus isn’t customer centric when it comes to leads you’ll likely talk much more than you’ll close.