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The Six Ultimate Sales Fails and How Call Services Can Save You from Them

November 26, 2013
By Nicole Spector - Contributing Writer

Listen up, sales people. Keeping the company that you represent healthy isn't all up to you, but some of it is and it ain't rocket surgery. That's right, rocket surgery. It's like rocket science and brain surgery melded into one and it's the most difficult thing any single being can attempt. Not to fear; technology can lend a great hand in all your worries.

In a feature posted on Business 2 Community, contributor Olivia Cole walks readers through the six ultimate sales fails. Some may seem obvious, but Cole insists that they are committed far too often, and that a competent sales rep has long learned to avoid making such mistakes.

The first of the sins of sales is not following up enough. Following up "too much" is a common fear among salespeople who become self-conscious that paying one too much attention comes across as pestering. Not so! While surely following up constantly may be annoying, it's far better than the much chanced-upon alternative: not following up enough. Neglecting a lead ends in irrevocable tragedy. You, salesperson, have lost your lead forever. You forgot about them (or so it feels to them), and so, you are dead to them. To "combat this," in Cole’s words, sales reps need to stay tuned into their campaigns and leverage automation tools to ensure frequent, reliable communication efforts.

Next in the handbook of Do Not's is: Missing important calls from prospects. Sales people, like all of us employed people, are busy. You can't always be at your desk waiting for the phone to ring. But, chances are, you have a smartphone. Route your incoming calls to it in advance. You can then take the call from most anywhere, which will only help you win that sale.

"Not learning from failed sales" is third on Cole's list. This is more for the sales managers. You can keep track of what went wrong and how by recording your sales team's calls for training purposes, the way your automated prompt so often admonishes callers. Once you record the calls, listen to them. Make sure your staff is on track.

Number four, is quasi-related to Fail #1. This is the act (or non-act), of not calling your leads back quickly enough. What is enough? Instantly! Stop reading this! Go call back the lead! You have five minutes.

If you have no one to call back, then you have moved on to the fifth fail, which is: Keeping customers on hold for too long. You don't like it; they don't like it. Set up CIP call routing options for your big customers, to keep them in your court.

The sixth and final non-negotiable no-no: Not knowing what the caller wants. This has nothing to do with being psychic, though if you are psychic, by all means, use your gift to sell, sell, sell. Get your SEO systems rigged so that you know what advertisement prompted a first time caller to give you a shout. It may lead them to giving you a shot.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson