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Effective Strategies for Team Selling

January 06, 2014
By Lavanya Rathnam - Telemarketing Software Contributing Writer

Customers are the king of any business, so businesses tend to go out of the way to ensure that the needs of their customers are met. One of the strategies used by businesses to convince existing customers to buy more products or to bring in new customers is team-based selling. In this strategy, a group of experts come together to convince a big customer to use the businesses' product or service. This strategy evolved over a period of time because some customers demand a great deal of attention and know-how from the business and this is best achieved by a team of people consisting of technical experts, sales persons, account managers and other experts as needed.

Though this strategy has achieved some degree of success in the current business arena, a lot more needs to be done to make these team-selling calls more effective. According to Janet Spirer of, there are a few potential pitfalls that team-based sellers should avoid.

The first tactic is to ensure that the call is rehearsed and every person contributes equally in the call without any one person dominating it. The second tactic is to prevent an expert in one field from steering the call in a different direction. For example, a technical expert should not spend too much time going into the technical aspects as it will prevent the sales people and other experts from having their talk time with the customer. Lastly, when one person is talking, the others should give undivided attention to the call so that everyone on the team gets a complete picture of what the customer wants.

Other than these tactics, the business should appoint the right account manager who is capable of steering customer calls in the right direction. This is a key aspect to ensure that the customers get the right information about a product and all their questions are answered in the best possible way.  Also, importance should be given to aspects such as team dynamics, executive participation and management of non team-members. All these tactics are likely to make the strategy of team-based selling a success for the business.