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VanillaSoft Announces Sponsorship of Business Conference

June 16, 2014
By Rory J. Thompson - Web Editor

VanillaSoft, the award-winning lead management software and CRM solution for phone-centric selling, will bring its accrued knowledge and expertise to the Inside Sales Frontline Conference in Atlanta this week. The gathering is under the auspices of the AA-ISP, an international association dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Inside Sales. The conferences are a series of one-day events that take place throughout the country, dedicated to improving the performance and professionalism of inside sales reps & managers.  The Tuesday event in Atlanta will take place at the Georgia International Convention Center.

"As the only conference designed for frontline Inside Sales professionals, AA-ISP’s Inside Sales Frontline Conference & Expo provides an important day of educational and networking opportunities,” said Kevin Thornton, EVP of Sales & Marketing with VanillaSoft. “The presentations will include the evolution of the Inside Sales profession, sales acceleration, training, and more, which underscores the long-term vision for VanillaSoft and our Inside Sales Platform. We are excited to be part of the event and look forward to meeting with attendees in the Exhibit Hall & Technology Expo."

According to the company, VanillaSoft enables thousands of individuals and sales teams to do more than store data and report on it like traditional CRM. VanillaSoft customers drive productivity by deploying an award winning best-in-class feature set which includes next-best-lead routing, progressive dialing, on-board intelligent messaging, integrated email, real-time lead distribution, live dashboard and digital call recording.

The AA-ISP is a perfect match for VanillaSoft. The association engages in research studies, organizational benchmarking and leadership round tables to better understand and analyze the trends, challenges, and key components of the growth and development of the Inside Sales industry. Its mission is to help inside sales representatives and leaders to leverage the group’s information and resources through published content, local community chapters, national conferences, career development, and an Inside Sales Accreditation program.

Edited by Maurice Nagle