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Busy Signal? Vetting the Right Telemarketing Software Partner

July 09, 2014
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Have you launched a successful partnership with a sales lead provider? This can be a complex relationship as you’re relying on this party to provide quality leads and set appointments for your sales team, activities that can make or break your sales goals. There needs to be confidence in this relationship, but that can be hard to come by. How do you know you’ve made the right choice for your business?

A recent Business2Community post explored this very topic as companies look to telemarketing software and other tools to promote success. While many already know what they’re getting in their software solution, there could be surprises in their lead management partnerships. To avoid such missteps, it’s good to clearly define your success.

For some, this means a focused conversation between partners so that both parties agree on this definition. In the process, examine your business, your sales pipeline and your revenue goals. The potential partner may bring great input to this stage, so be sure to listen to all details shared. If they fail to provide this expertise, you may need to look elsewhere for the assistance needed. A true partner will make this investment with you.

A true partner is also interested in investing in their team for the long-term. If employee turnover is high, this is a red flag. Also, examine training and retention programs. Do they have a structured professional development policy and program in place to empower their team members for success?

Does this partner truly understand your industry? While sales is considered a standard practice across the board, the reality is that each business and industry presents its own needs for the sales cycle and pipeline. Your lead partner needs to understand your close rates, established norms, the timing of your sales process and more to ensure the right strategy is in place.

Finally, examine the previous success of this lead partner. Do they dig in to the specific industry in which they are working and produce results that make an impact? Have they greatly impacted the bottom line of other companies willing to attest to this fact? Can you talk to satisfied customers and better understand the real world results that have been produced?

Companies like VanillaSoft have provided telemarketing software to innovative companies for years, demonstrating the expertise and value they bring to a competitive market. If you’re ready to produce quality leads that generate higher revenue sales, it’s time to take a closer look at the software you’ve been missing.