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Telemarketing Getting a Leg Up

July 25, 2014
By Rory J. Thompson - Web Editor

As those in the telemarketing industry well know, the business has taken its knocks in recent years. What with Do-Not-Call Lists and politicians grandstanding on the issue for attention, it hasn’t been easy. Yet telemarketing is still a proven way to make sales and hit your numbers; not everyone is opposed to a well-crafted sales pitch.

So it was with that in mind that a new website,, has been launched to help marketers of all stripes be more effective in their efforts.

The site is the brainchild of WebiMax, a company founded back in 2008 with the goal of helping businesses navigate the complicated and ever-evolving world of Internet marketing.

"Online marketing techniques are moving into the forefront, but that does not mean that more traditional marketing techniques are dead,” said WebiMax CEO Ken Wisnefski, in a statement. “ promises a one-stop solution for companies to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing techniques in a strategic and efficient way."

Indeed, this all encompassing site promises to help businesses and organizations meet their goals by providing a broader marketing focus. That focus will not only include the online techniques of the flagship site, but also more traditional offline marketing techniques including telemarketing, public relations, billboards, television, radio and more.

It’s been noted that in the past ten years, the percentage of online sales has grown rapidly, moving the demand for experienced online marketing into the forefront, ahead of more traditional forms such as telemarketing. So such a change requires businesses to find a strategic approach to both online and offline forms of marketing.

“ was created with the goal of priming businesses for future success by constructing web-first marketing campaigns that are supported offline,” the company said in a statement. “We're branching out in a big way and are very excited to bring this new platform to our current and future clients," Wisnefski added.

Edited by Maurice Nagle