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Webleads' New Lead Tier Expected to Improve New Lead Generation

September 05, 2014
By Matt Paulson - Telemarketing Software Contributing Writer

Contact centers are one of the most affordable and effective ways for companies to contact their customers. However, call centers are only as effective as their leads are, and generating quality leads is critical to having quality customer interaction. To combat this, Webleads Inc. has released a new call center lead tier designed to improve the way that call center managers and firms find client leads that are already searching for the services offered.

Thanks to the Internet, customers searching for specific keywords have never been easier to find. Often, leads are generated by finding these customers and asking for their contact information as well as a more detailed description of what they are looking for. This information is then disseminated to providers of these services, who can then contact these leads and ask them specifically about which products the customer is interested in purchasing.

The new lead tier provider by Webleads better organizes clients and leads, and delivers higher quality leads with fewer steps in between. This works to drastically decrease the amount of time from when a potential customer sends their information and when they receive their first phone calls, greatly increasing the chance of a sale.

Webleads also makes sure to verify leads before sending them out, ensuring that no fake or misspelled information is sent to their clients. Additionally, the company makes sure to send leads to no more than four client companies at the same time, which makes sure that leads are not bombarded with calls. According to Webleads, “Offering call center leads was a priority on our launch list. There is no slowing down in this industry, and we get many inquiries from call center managers.”

Edited by Rory J. Thompson