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Why Coaching is Important, Even with Telemarketing Software

September 10, 2014
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

What is your biggest barrier to sales-team success? Are you lacking in quality leads? Do you find challenges continue to emerge when it comes to hiring the right individuals? Are your target prospects not educated enough on your offering to make an informed decision?

There are a number of reasons why sales strategies fail. In the telemarketing world, the fact that the individual is trying to reach out on the phone can be enough of a barrier to success. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean that telemarketing is dead. It simply means that companies need solid telemarketing software and proven strategies to be successful.

One area that always needs attention is coaching. It’s easy to get complacent in helping agents improve their performance. It’s also too easy to get tied up with other things and let agents struggle on their own. When this happens, however, it’s leaving opportunities on the table because the agent lacked the necessary training to recognize how to overcome an obstacle and make the sale.

Research conducted by The Sales Management Association and Forum EMEA found that managers are often too busy to coach, they didn’t know how to coach effectively, they weren’t expected to coach, or they weren’t being held accountable for coaching activities. At the same time, those who are coaching are often doing it poorly, have little structure to the practice and fail in terms of purpose.

The report also found that coaching tends to focus on under-performers, new agents or those who specifically request help. This points to more of a reactive approach to coaching, instead of a proactive strategy that could raise the performance level of the entire team. Still, even with these shortfalls, those participating in the survey do see coaching as one of the most important of all sales activities when it comes to improving overall effectiveness. Those companies that are considered high performing provide 15 to 20 percent more coaching than companies considered to be underperforming.

One of the key challenges for organizations is that they are failing to provide managers with the basic elements of a successful coaching program. Even with solid telemarketing software, a lack of coaching can put the organization on a path for failure simply because the attention and investments were focused on the wrong areas. Instead, these companies need solid programs, management accountability, measurable outcomes and pre-determined objectives.

Once these things are in place, it’s time to talk to a provider like VanillaSoft and see what they offer in telemarketing software to help the sales team succeed. When blended with the right coaching program, it will produce powerful results. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson