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SalesCloser Software Announces Release of Web-based App for Sales Management

September 16, 2014
By Deepika Mala - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Vancouver, Canada-based SalesCloser Software Inc. has released a web-based app that it believes will change traditional global sales management for the better.

Launched as a free beta version for a limited time, SalesCloser is the world's first On Demand Outside Sales Marketplace. Here, companies can shop worldwide for new sales talent and also can deploy new employees the same day.

They can also attain the ability to expand their sales presence into a new city, region or country, regardless of whether they’re creating new infrastructure or increasing overhead costs. With the help of the app, the standard global outside sales model can be changed.

"Scaling a large sales company is a tremendous risk. Opening offices, over-leveraging sales management, new competitors and disruption from new technologies can all impede expansion,” Founder and CEO Michael Jarmana said in a statement. “ solves each of the biggest pain points in the sales industry with a single simple solution, and allows a company the exciting ability to scale its sales force with a nearly zero infrastructure spend."

With the help of SalesCloser, companies can hire salespeople anywhere in the world and manage them better from a laptop.

Officials said that the users of the platform upload each client's presentation to any smart device, and the managers have access to an overview of all current sales activity.

Any new salesperson that makes the in-person call follows the presentation, and the manager can remotely track them in real-time and create valuable data on sales delivery timing and success rates.

SalesCloser also offers companies access to the system for use with their current sales force, for which each company is provided a closed ecosystem.

"When you are building new relationships with hundreds of people a month, it's not possible to stay on top of things without a system like,” said Arash Asli, CEO of Vancouver-based “The web-based technology can help us manage the most critical part of the customer relationship — the time actually spent with the customer.”

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