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Smart Call-Routing Can Lead to Sales

October 20, 2014
By Michelle Amodio - Telemarketing Software Contributor

When people talk about call routing and analytics, they tend to be referring to contact center technology for dedicated agents answering customer enquiries. By sending customers directly to the individuals or departments within your company who can get their questions answered, you can automatically improve customer satisfaction ratings and even reduce your operating costs. Did you know that the same rules apply to sales calls? Think about it. By accurately routing calls, you may be able to close a few sales based on a few metrics.

Call routing is truly an art form in the professional environment when it is done properly, and is not something that should be assumed or rushed into without much forethought. While there are standard methods that many use to route calls, trying some unconventional methods can lead to good stuff, too; namely sales.

According to Business2Community, routing calls by a certain criteria that you haven’t tried can lead to success. The criteria? Have you thought about routing calls based on the time of day, or the marketing source? How about geo-location? VIP status? These all have specific attributes that can be used to make a sale based on the metrics within. For example, when it comes to geo-location, having a customer call for a local business that deals with XYZ means the company that has XYZ in their ZIP code area means guaranteed business. There are applications that offer a search function and click-to-call to make sure they find you. It sounds a little tech-heavy on the backend of things, but with the power of WebRTC and other mobile applications, it’s actually quite simple to deploy.

Other ways to route calls for sales include by the schedules of your customer service reps, or ensuring the calls are evenly spread throughout your customer service team according to call tracking or database integration.

After call routing, it’s important to follow up with the right lead software. VanillaSoft is a solution that allows professionals to track and follow leads for better sales. Users can see call results by campaign, or get total calls by a specific lead source.

With the right strategies and software, your call routing system can actually enhance your sales endeavors and with the right follow-up tools, lead nurturing and generation is just a click away.