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Sales Coaches -- Not Managers -- Can Make the Difference

November 04, 2014
By Michelle Amodio - Telemarketing Software Contributor

It takes a certain kind of spirit to really do well in sales, but it takes an extremely motivated person at the top to make sure that everyone is up to the task of selling like it’s a passion. Sales managers can do well by their staff, but a sales coach can do one better.

A blog over on HuffPo talks about training sales managers to be coaches, the reason being is that a coach can take a sales team to the next level because a coach, not a manager, understands how a team works. What’s their motivation? What is meaningful to them?

Do you have a sales manager that can help spread his or her wisdom to your sales team but needs a little inspiration? Why not train them to go beyond management and wear a new hat: coach. Think about it. What do all of the world’s greatest athletes, politicians and business leaders have in common? Wouldn’t you want that person at the helm of your sales team?

Knowledge retention and true learning is a fine art, especially in today’s information-driven world where data is quickly consumed and just as quickly forgotten. A coach can stay on top of your sales reps’ performance once they are out selling on behalf of your company. Ask your customers for feedback, use customer surveys to gauge satisfaction levels and listen in on sales pitches.

Managers who get close to employees’ work can solve real-world challenges. A manager's knowledge is one of the best resources an organization can have; coaching allows managers to have insight into their employees’ work, allowing them to apply their knowledge specifically to real-world issues.

Programs build coaches within all leadership circles. The more coaches an organization has, the more performance-improving employees it will have.

Research conducted by the Sales Executive Council (SEC (News - Alert)) indicates that there is a quantifiable ROI associated with utilizing coaches for sales training that gives traditional training a run for its money.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson