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In Sales, Emails are Good; Calls are Better

November 11, 2014
By Rory J. Thompson - Web Editor

If you’re like most people in corporate America, when you arrive at the office on a Monday, you grab a cup of coffee and then start wading through the accumulated emails. An hour or more can go by before you get down to actual “work.” Up to that point it’s mostly an exercise in scroll-delete, scroll-delete, etc.

So if you’re in sales and doing that, think about how many email pitches you send out a week. Did you ever think your intended target is doing the exact same thing?

It was that thought, which prompted Kevin Thornton to write a recent blog post highlighting the benefits of voicemails vs. emails.

Thornton is EVP of sales & marketing for VanillaSoft, providers of the industry's leading software for sales by phone. As such, he has some keen insights into what it takes to succeed, and wanted to share his ideas.

“It’s so easy to fire off a quick sales email message, and so much more convenient for you than picking up the phone to call a prospect,” he wrote on his blog. “While it can be a real time saver for you, have you taken a second to consider the ease of use for the recipient?” he asked.

Thornton offered some sobering statistics from a recent Radicati Group report:

  • Over 108.7 billion business emails are sent and received per day;
  • By 2018 it’s forecasted that business emails per day will be more than 139 billion;
  • A typical business email user receives an average of 121 emails each day in 2014. That’s expected to grow to 140 emails per day by 2018.

To counter those staggering numbers, Thornton has a suggestion.

“If you want a more immediate response from a prospect – especially one that contacted you first via the web or email, call them back,” he wrote. They may not answer – a lot of people let calls go to voice mail if they don’t recognize the number. However, your voice mail may only be one of ten or less fighting for that prospect’s attention. Your email will be one of 100 or more.” The odds would appear to be in your favor if you call.

Thornton summed up his thoughts thusly, “Regardless of what you may have heard or believe, cold calling is alive and well. It has evolved thanks to all the new ways you can warm up those calls – email, social media, webinars, etc. When a prospect initiates the conversation, what better way to kick off the relationship than a personal, one-to-one call?”

It might seem odd given today’s technology, but sometimes the “personal touch” of a phone call might well be all you need to get the conversation started. After that, it’s up to you to close the deal.