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Finding: Sales Success Comes From Better Data Management

November 25, 2014
By Rory J. Thompson - Web Editor

Those involved in the sales industry know that prospecting a strong lead and then actually closing the sale is a delicate dance involving skill, knowledge and emotion. But before all that can be undertaken, a successful salesperson needs to have a complete picture of the prospective client and their needs, to better manage the deal. Part of that picture involves data, and the proper management of it.

The importance of that last part was recently confirmed by the 10th annual Lead Management and Social Engagement Study, which highlights how leading organizations are generating greater quality and quantity of leads, validating the utilization of marketing automation platform technology.

According to CSO Insights, which conducted the study on behalf of TreeHouse Interactive (News - Alert) – a company that delivers leading SaaS-based partner relationship management and marketing automation platform solutions to companies that want to get better return on investment from their partner networks and marketing efforts – the study takes a “deep dive” and turned up some interesting points. To wit:

  • Common problems reported were poor data quality for both prospects and customers, and the fact that sales personnel feel they are not supported by marketing with the right tools they need to sell;
  • Nearly 55 percent of leading companies surveyed reported an increase in lead conversions when utilizing lead nurturing;
  • The top marketing objectives that leading enterprises had for 2014 include capturing new accounts, optimizing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, optimizing new product introductions, and improving renewal rates. 

"If ever there were an opportunity to justify integrating a marketing automation platform to improve lead management and social engagement, this is it," said Jim Dickie, the author of the report and a managing partner at CSO Insights (News - Alert). "Integrating technology within existing enterprise environments provides the ability to improve operations by automating manual processes, improving data quality, allowing for the creation and delivery of sales tools, supporting content and social media marketing campaigns, nurturing leads and ultimately increasing conversion rates."

Surprisingly, the study found that email marketing campaigns, above all other methods of engaging prospects, deliver the best quality and quantity of sales and marketing leads. More details can be found at