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Hire Employees During the Holidays? Absolutely!

December 17, 2014
By Mae Kowalke - Telemarketing Software Contributor

The holidays are typically a time of slowed work. And while it may be tempting to succumb to this habit of downshifting over the holidays when it comes to hiring, you should resist the temptation.

The holidays are a great time to hire new sales talent, and businesses should take advantage of this opportunity.

With workloads slowing down right now, sales professionals have more time to consider their current situation and dust off their resume to look for greener pastures. This makes it an excellent time to grab the attention of those sales professionals.

These professionals also often spend the holidays and New Year updating their LinkedIn (News - Alert) profile and engaging with colleagues and friends over social media. If a company recognizes that these prospective employees are more receptive and available during this time of year, there’s the opportunity to grab star employees while other companies are focused instead on the annual company Christmas party.

The first step is making a plan to engage with prospective employees during the holiday season. It can be easy to slide into downshifting mode at work, but a clear hiring plan will help a business resist this fate.

Having a strong social media presence also can help, since that’s one of the best ways to engage with prospective employees.

Pinterest and Instagram are two underutilized tools for attracting talent. They can be used to both draw attention to a company and highlight company culture. This can help show the value proposition of a firm and highlight why prospective employees might want to join a company.

Facebook (News - Alert) and Twitter should not be ignored as vehicles both for finding talent and promoting your company as well.

It might be counterintuitive to hire during the holiday season. But going against the grain has long been one key pathway to business success. And in the case of hiring sales teams, that certainly is the case.