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Do You Have Questions on Call Tracking?

February 10, 2015
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Call tracking is an effective tool in the telemarketing software world, but not all companies are clear on the value that it brings. As mobile continues to grow in its importance for the commercial organization, however, it’s critical that business leaders understand call tracking and what it means for their operation.

A recent Business 2 Community post written by a sales manager at Ifbyphone (News - Alert) helps to clarify important questions surrounding call tracking. If you’re making investments in telemarketing software, this is the kind of information you need to determine where your leads are being generated, what your users want and where you should be investing your resources.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Users are often confused by this concept or why it matters. For online and mobile marketers, however, it provides a way to display unique phone numbers on a website based on the referring keyword, PPC ad, search engine or banner ad to track which traffic is generating the most phone calls and sales leads.

SEO Rankings

When making investments in SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, it makes sense that you want to be sure that all other activities do not deplete the effort. Search engines only index your main business number for NAP consistency, so any type of call tracking used won’t hurt your SEO efforts.

Client Benefits

It’s often easy to develop tunnel vision when implementing solutions that help drive business. Fortunately, call tracking helps clients as well as your business. Clients can easily gain insight into the campaigns that are driving call conversions; more easily manage ad spend versus new bids; and gain insight into keywords considered the most valuable and driving calls into the organization.

Just a Ploy?

Call tracking numbers can seem like just a ploy, especially if a provider exaggerates the volume a particular number receives. According to Google (News - Alert), 61 percent of buyers believe it is extremely important that they are able to call a business during each phase of the decision-making process and 31 percent call a business when looking to make a purchase or complete a transaction. Phone (News - Alert) calls driven to businesses as a result of search hit nearly 40 billion in 2014 and are projected to exceed 70 billion by 2018. It’s not just a ploy, but to hold your provider accountable.

Branded Numbers

Any website visitor that you are not attempting to attract will see your branded number at all times. You determine this tracking in the configuration and your brand still maintains the primary number, especially for those who know you and your brand.

When you understand the tools at your disposal and how they can help you drive profitable business, you’re better positioned to make smart decisions moving forward. These five tips should help when deciding on call tracking, especially as a tool to complement your telemarketing software efforts. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson