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Sales Lead-Management: Success is a Step-by-Step Process

February 20, 2015
By Rory J. Thompson - Web Editor

Getting a client to say ‘yes’ and sign on the dotted line is usually the last, best step in a sales process. But it’s getting to that step that can be a real process, and many sales folks aren’t sure about the best way to get there. Fortunately, there’s help available.

Genie Parker is Operations Manager at VanillaSoft, a provider of the industry's leading software for Sales by Phone (News - Alert). As such, she knows a thing or two about catching prospects’ eyes and closing the deal. She co-founded Parker, Murray and Associates, a successful boutique outbound call center, where her company consistently delivered sales, qualified leads, appointments, marketing and fundraising services to companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to small businesses across the U.S. for 15 years. She knows how to make things happen.

In a recent blog post, Parker addressed the issues of ‘sales leads’ and what to do with them.

“Though managing leads is one of the largest expenses and most perplexing pains of inside sales teams, only few companies know how to do it successfully,” she wrote. “Statistics show that a large portion of leads fall by the wayside because of inadequate lead management software, poor organizational skills, and varied levels of diligence among salespeople,” she added.

One important distinction she points out is how to distinguish a regular lead from a “hot” one.

“Here are some questions that can turn an ordinary lead into a qualified lead,” she writes:

Need – Does the company have a need for your product or service?

Timeline (News - Alert) – Is the company ready to buy now or later? Determine the specific timeframe?

Authority – Does the prospect have the authority to make a buying decision?

Budget – Is the company financially stable enough to afford your product or service?

Parker notes that answers to the above questions can be determined by having a “qualifying team” call first to gather information. You might also be able to determine enough information by performing an Internet search on their website, or other sites. However you do it, marketing and sales should work together to build a buyer profile to create qualified leads. Once leads meet the buyer profile, you can then prioritize them as qualified.

Parker also offers other succinct tips in her blog post. The bottom line is, however you go about it, be meticulous in your process. Sales go to the swiftest, but also to the most conscientious.