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Telemarketing and Outsourcing: The Good and the Bad

February 26, 2015
By Michelle Amodio - Telemarketing Software Contributor

There is a lot to consider when on the subject of outsourcing. In times of economic downturn, organizations have looked to outsourcing as a means of cost savings by reducing scope and restructuring of employee overhead and being able to pay employees lower wages in countries where it otherwise would be acceptable. Outsourcing has the potential to do more for less, by more efficiently leveraging resources than trying to support outsourced functions in-house. Of course, outsourcing can also be a bit awkward when it comes to telemarketing.

It might seem obvious, but one of the downfalls of outsourcing your telemarketing efforts is having problems with quality. If the outsourcing provider doesn't have proper processes or is inexperienced in working in an outsourcing relationship, you’ll run into some glitches. In addition to quality, not fully understanding the culture of the outsourcing provider and the location where you outsource to may lead to poor communication and lower productivity.

When businesses work with outsourcing providers, they have to understand that they are not the only client. This means that they might not give 100 percent time and attention to your needs and expectations. This can lead to delays and inaccuracies in the work output.

There are some pluses to outsourcing, however. One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is cost savings. The lower cost of operation and labor makes it attractive to outsource. It also frees an organization from having to invest heavily in technology, infrastructure and people that make up the bulk of back-end processes.

Many of the downfalls of outsourcing can be avoided by choosing the right company to work with. Be sure to align the goals of your company and employee considerations with the objectives of outsourcing.

For those unsure about outsourcing their telemarketing efforts, there is always the option of using in-house telemarketing software. When it comes to telemarketing specifically, software allows companies to be more efficient when calling prospective clients and leads. The right telemarketing software can be a useful tool to maximize sales.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson