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North Carolina AG Announces Biggest Consumer Complaints

April 17, 2015
By Oliver VanDervoort - Contributing Writer

In a world where companies are constantly looking for the silver bullet for customer service, firms are still a long way from finding Nirvana. This is especially true when talking about call centers, which sometimes feel the need to contact customers when they would rather not be bothered. With this in mind, the North Carolina Attorney General’s office just released a list of some of the biggest complaints from consumers when it comes to dealing with these kinds of companies.

“Thousands of North Carolina consumers let us know when they don’t get what they’ve paid for, suspect a rip off or the run around, or spot a potential scam,” AG Roy Cooper told the Jefferson Post. “We use the information they share to win refunds, stop unfair practices, and help others avoid problems.”

The number one issue that people are reporting as the most bothersome is when a company violates the Do Not Call rule. According to the AG, this is the third year in a row where consumers have listed this is as the biggest problem. Telemarketing fraud is near the top of the list as the number two issue most faced by consumers. This particular problem has actually moved up from third to second this year. Both of those are issues that any legitimate call center wants to always avoid.

Even if a higher tier call center avoids dialing someone who is on the Do Not Call list, less legitimate call centers are always going to bring down the ones that act above board in the eyes of the consumer. This is another roadblock when it comes to a company finding that Nirvana and getting top marks for customer service. When talking about rounding out the list of complaints from customers, payday lending scams, credit and collections, Internet and computers, health care, television services and telecommunications are among the most complained about industries in North Carolina.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino