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Intelemark Launches Emergency Telemarketing Service

October 06, 2015
By Oliver VanDervoort - Contributing Writer

When it comes to the call center and telemarketing businesses, there are a couple of factors that can spell success and a couple that can spell failure. Intelemark, one of the world’s leading demand generation providers, has launched a new service that it has dubbed “emergency telemarketing.” Using this service, businesses can connect their target audiences quickly and can then offer a wide range of applications.

Typically, campaigns in this service will include event registration, event follow-up, company alerts, database cleanup and any other scenarios a company can think of when it comes to a situation where a business must make immediate contact with its customers, prospects or other constituents.

"Our emergency telemarketing service helps businesses manage urgent calling campaigns," said Murray Goodman, CEO of Intelemark in a release announcing this new emergency telemarketing service. "We can launch a campaign to deliver appointments, leads or registrations within as little as two days." By using this particular service, clients of Intelemark are able to ramp up incredibly quickly and see rather impressive attendance for events that include trade shows, webinars and other kinds of road shows.

Pairing this kind of rapid response service with some other top of the line approaches in the telemarketing world can honestly mean the difference between success and failure in a very big way. The company says that setting up the event is only part of the kind of service this company is able to offer. Intelemark will also be able to reach out to those who attended in order to help qualify leads and get feedback about the event from those who might be the most likely to take action to the point of sales. When a firm is working in a time-sensitive campaign, emergency telemarketing can make or break a company and come to the rescue on short notice.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson