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Telecoms Would Benefit from More Lead-Generation Outsourcing

October 07, 2015
By Mae Kowalke - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Telecoms are struggling today with acquiring new customers. They may be innovating on the technological front, but they’re struggling with sales.

That’s because telecoms are focused largely on innovations in products and services, ignoring the sales and marketing sides comparatively.

Innovative new service offerings are good, no doubt. But for maximum return on investment from these new offerings, telecoms need to create new lead generation campaigns that cut across the sales funnel. Failing to do this is the cause of many woes in the industry.

One solution to this problem that many firms might be failing to consider is outsourcing the task of telecom lead generation. Outsourcing lead generation campaigns can help telecoms streamline their sales and marketing campaigns to better create audience engagement strategies.

Outsourcing lead generation can bring three advantages to telecoms: better understanding of market conditions, better infrastructure for lead generation, and clearer reporting and analytics.

Outsourced lead generation services can help telecoms better understand the current demands of the segment. This brings telecoms a good deal of knowledge that can not only help the sales process, but also can improve marketing and product development as well.

Second, outsourcing enables telecoms to work with the latest sales and marketing technologies. Independent lead generation firms are equipped with the most up-to-date lead management tools and software that determines the positions of individual leads within the buying cycle.

By outsourcing lead generation, telecoms also can get better reporting and analytics, a common trouble with lead generation that will be appropriately handled by an outsourced firm. Reporting and analytics can be a challenging area, but independent lead generation firms are well placed to both understand and make quick work of it.

Overall, outsourcing lead generation campaigns can significantly improve customer acquisition for telecoms.

Is it an idea whose time has come? Absolutely.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson