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Modern Telemarketing Software Helps Outbound Reps Take Advantage of Opportunities

December 02, 2015
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Inside sales reps, or telemarketers, have a variety of functions. They may be qualifying leads, turning cold leads into warm ones for outside sales reps. They might themselves be selling, or they could be reaching out to existing customers to help build relationships. In some organizations, they are appointment setters, paving the way for an outside sales rep or field service employee. Whatever their function, a telemarketing solution (complete with dialer) can help make their jobs infinitely easier: it can cut precious minutes out of each outbound call, and even help them connect with more people. Imagine cutting just a minute, or even a few seconds, out of every transaction…now multiply that with the number of calls outbound reps make each day, and the savings become really tangible.

It’s also important to have a solution that can prevent errors, such as calling numbers on do-not-call registries, or making calls outside of permissible calling hours. Some states prevent calls before a certain time in the morning and after a certain time at night. Human reps can make mistakes…comprehensive telemarketing solutions can protect against them. Another advantage technology can offer is the amalgamation of all information about a called prospect. Outbound reps are better able to keep pertinent information about prospects in one place, so they can learn about the individual before the call even connects. This is critical to outbound selling, according to VanillaSoft’s Genie Parker.

“You need to understand your audience well enough to know what its members might appreciate or actually need,” wrote Parker. “An effective appointment setter knows the product he or she is supporting and is able to anticipate the possible needs or concerns of the call recipient. So do your research. Know your product or service well. Learn about the industries your business serves. Anticipate hard questions and plan your answers ahead of time. Do a little research on the company you call if this is a B2B scenario and check out a prospect’s (consumer or B2B) social media profiles to gain insights on his or her personality and preferences.”

Appointment setting or telemarketing software can help you become more efficient in your outbound calls, and help you cover all the bases to ensure your calls are timely, educated, appropriate and effective. A good software solution can help companies make setting appointments more seamless by automatically setting appointments on calendars in the next free time slot and combine selling teams’ calendars, set appointments based on geographic proximity based on a sales rep’s location, increase dials per hour with progressive or preview dialing, and automate follow-up (via e-mail, phone call or other contact) so that no leads are left behind. Simply put, even a great outbound sales person cannot be effective when technology or sheer call volume is working against him or her. Modern telemarketing software can help reps not only overcome the hurdles, but take advantage of more opportunities. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson