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Insurance Telemarketing Sales: Treat Leads as Build-up Opportunities

January 21, 2016
By Michelle Amodio - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Telephone sales is not like fast food. Sure, we are used to having everything fast in our always-on, always connected society, but selling via phone, especially insurance, is not an instantaneous event. Leads are relationships like any other and should be treated that way.  Calling these leads requires an approach that anticipates the relationship through each call in a unique fashion. It requires that you be deliberate. In essence, these are opportunities to “build up.”

That’s the gist of what sales pro Guy De La Cruz of VanillaSoft touches upon in a recent blog post. Telemarketing and cold calling, especially in the insurance industry, requires less convenience and more making calls that matter. How does one go about meeting quotas but “building up” from leads?

De La Cruz highlights some important, perhaps overlooked points. Knowing the plans you’re selling, contacting leads in an acceptable timeframe, and paying attention are among the more common sense actions that sales professionals often forget.

What’s more, preparation is key. This encompasses various aspects in telesales, which involves gathering a solid calling list, having the right equipment, a conducive working environment, crafting an excellent call script, knowing effective ways to minimize objections, and getting the proper training for initiating follow through. Perhaps the most important takeaway from these helpful tips is be consistent in your follow up, but also stay on your current customers’ radars.

Following a completion of a sale, do not forget your clients. Just because you’ve closed the deal, it doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. You’ve to make sure that your customer is satisfied and happy with service and/or product. Putting in place a good customer service is the way to go. Send them an email or a letter to restate what you talked about on the phone. Take every advantage to build a relationship with your customer and increase their loyalty.

Telemarketing involves two-way communications; this makes the relationship with the customers more personal and interactive. This also strengthens customer loyalty and improves the image of the brand name of the company.

Building up is crucial to prosperous insurance telesales. Focusing first on improving the quality of your lists, scripts, and the leads they generate can help you solidify your overall telemarketing strategy.

Using telemarketing software with this approach is key. Solutions like VanillaSoft telemarketing software are designed to increase revenue. Managers can track every lead from beginning to end and see an increase in client outbound calls.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson