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Study Finds Sales Training Needs Help, Especially from Peers

February 18, 2016
By Rory J. Thompson - Web Editor

For those managing a sales force and not seeing the results they’d like to, there might be a reason for that. New findings from Allego, a video sales learning platform, have uncovered some insightful opinions from those in the field.

According to the survey, a whopping 96 percent of those asked said they found that the current sales enablement and sales training offerings available to them could stand improvement.

Further, 65 percent of respondents believe that practical advice from their peers is more effective than the training provided by their company, and 59 percent wanted more accessible training. Even worse, only 15 percent reported having mobile-device access to needed sales training material. The results of the study were published by online industry publication Marketing Dive.

"When asked what would improve the sales training and enablement process at their companies, more than half (57 percent) of salespeople say that insights derived from real-life scenarios from reps in the field," Allego’s Jennifer Kady-Sullivan told Marketing Dive. "Marketers shouldn't interpret these findings to mean their role is obsolete however, but should align themselves more closely with sales to capture more of that information and knowledge sales reps crave."

There also seems to be a disconnect between the job managers think they’re doing, and how that effort is perceived by the sales force.

The research showed that 41 percent of sales managers believe a “lack of awareness of sales enablement video” is why that material isn’t accessed. But some 47 percent of sales reps reported that video training content was outdated and not helpful. However, Kady-Sullivan believes using video is crucial to building understanding, creating a common language and promoting social contact.

Still, it was not all bad news, as some concrete suggestions came out of the survey.

"Short debriefing videos created by sales people after sales calls can help marketing see firsthand which objections arose during a pitch that they may not have considered – and can help them see that, in fact, the salesperson did follow their game plan," Kady-Sullivan told Marketing Dive. "We believe that organizations who embrace mobile video as a communications medium will be well ahead of the curve in solving the age old dilemma of the gap between marketing and sales teams."