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The Pace of Customer Interactions is Changing - Don't Get Left Behind

June 01, 2016
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Do you ever walk out of a meeting and have the impression that you’ve entered a Sci-Fi movie? It may seem like a strange question, but if technology is the focus of the conversation, have you noticed how many things we now use in our lives that were once no more than Sci-Fi gadgets? It’s weird, exciting and fun all at the same time, and it’s changing the way customer service happens.

Today’s consumer is much more informed than just 10 years ago, and the pace of information will only continue to accelerate. Yet too many businesses re not thinking about their customers in terms of both digital and physical platforms. They also tend to ignore the exploration of how much of the physical world will have a digital presence, according to a recent Salesforce post. As much of the everyday world will be connected by 2020, it stands to reason that this should enter the strategic conversation.

In an environment where consumers are so connected, it would seem that telemarketing is no longer part of the customer service mix. A telemarketing software company may get nervous that the focus needs to shift exclusively to social media and online options. But the opportunity to extend the focus beyond the telephone is a good one, and it doesn’t mean those strategic calls get left behind. It just means companies need a stronger strategy to leverage telemarketing software, which often means integration is necessary.

To take an integrated approach, it’s important to identify what needs to be integrated. According to Salesforce, there are five technology trends that are fueling the customer’s changing relationship with businesses: mobility, social, data science, cloud computing and the Internet of Things. These trends are changing the ways in which companies connect with their customers, even driving change in the customer base.

What does that mean for telemarketing software? It means that companies using the technology will know a lot more about the individuals they are trying to reach. They will be able to build campaigns that are much more relevant, timely and meaningful to the consumer. Calls can be integrated with social media and connected devices, giving consumers exactly the experience they want, while also driving opportunities for the company.

At the same time, companies will have the opportunity to understand and keep pace with the “Internet minute”. Think about how much can be accomplished online in 60 seconds – massive amounts of customers using Google to find information; customers using Twitter (News - Alert) to launch service complaints; LinkedIn relationships are formed; an Amazon purchase is made; the list goes on.

The company that wants to stand out for the consumer in this environment has to be able to quickly capitalize on new information in real-time to provide the ultimate customer experience. Those unable to keep the pace will fade away, leaving more market share for those who master it. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi