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Drip into Prospects' Emails, Stay Fresh in their Minds

September 22, 2016
By Stefania Viscusi - Assignment Desk, Content Management

E-mail has become an important tool for marketers today because it offers the opportunity to notify prospects and customers about promotions or other pitches as well as remind and offer follow up. It’s much less intrusive than calling people when they don’t want to be bothered, or sending out paper mailers that get tossed in the garbage and never read. But nonetheless, there is a fine line between sending e-mails that get you noticed or becoming a nuisance to people’s inboxes.

Since so many people are digital these days, email has become sacred and overloading people with messages can have just as much a negative impact as calling someone during supper.

To help ease the guessing game involved with when and how much email you should be reaching out with, telemarketing software solutions provider VanillaSoft offers email marketing software that makes it possible to educate, qualify leads and build your brand. ‘Email Drip’ uses multiple rules for triggering emails over time. That means you can create email campaigns that automatically send emails to contacts based on criteria like last call date, last result code, callback/appointment date and more.

There are numerous benefits to setting up e-mails that “drip” into inboxes at the right time and frequency, including being able to automate the process of sending out specific campaign notifications based on each person’s status in the process and a chance to land more conversions.

Craig Rector, Marketing and Communications Specialist at VanillaSoft, recently posted a blog on the reasons Drip Email is important. He offers an example where a real estate agent could use the tactic to ensure someone with a new home listing would get the most benefit. While the “drip” part of the process becomes easy once the automation and rules are in place, Rector warns there is some leg work to be done. Coming up with a campaign, putting together each email that will be sent and planning the appropriate schedule to send the emails are all key in the equation and will take time.

At the end of the road, though, lies a multitude of benefits for those in marketing using automation and drip emails. Everything from better customer engagement, to lead nurturing and a chance for more renewals await you. 

Edited by Alicia Young