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Telemarketing Software Featured Article

VanillaSoft Ready For New Canadian DNC Laws

October 13, 2008

VanillaSoft, an emerging leader in lead management solutions for outbound telephone sales, announced it is already providing its customers with the technology to comply with the new Canadian “Do-Not-Call” law effective as of September 30th.

The system is called TeleBlock and is created by Compliance Systems Corporation (News - Alert), also known as Call Compliance, Inc., a Long Island-based developer of technology-based compliance solutions for the teleservices industry. The system is the patented flagship product of the company, which partners with solution providers like VanillaSoft, who then market the TeleBlock system to their customers.
VanillaSoft is a CRM solution that helps firms improve their lead generation. Managers can administer all their leads, reps and call centers from a single web-based dashboard. Amazingly, VanillaSoft can dial virtually any phone; analog, digital or VoIP, so you get an instant boost in productivity without having to buy an expensive dialer. TeleBlock is an important part of a group of tools that help businesses to comply with complicated calling laws, including call recording and the restriction of making calls outside legal calling hours.
“TeleBlock is like any other product on the market,” said Ken Murray, co-founder of VanillaSoft. “It enables our customers to enjoy total peace-of-mind regarding their business, and ‘do-not-call’ compliance.” Far superior to conventional ‘scrubbing’ systems or procedures, it automatically checks local, regional, and national ‘do-not-call’
registries and blocks inappropriate calls without the caller having to do a thing.”

So while a lot of other ‘TeleBlock-less’ companies are nervous and scrambling to find solutions, those on VanillaSoft’s TeleBlock system have no worries regarding the new law since only TeleBlock has such a completely spotless record.

 “We couldn’t be more satisfied with our relationship with Call Compliance (News - Alert) and TeleBlock,” said Murray.
The TeleBlock system has been around for nine years and, according to Dean Garfinkel (News - Alert), CEO of Compliance Systems Corporation – known in the industry as “Call Compliance” – not one user has ever been fined or penalized for calling non-compliance.
“Currently, it’s well over six billion calls without an error for TeleBlock subscribers,” he states. “Companies who depend on telemarketing for their livelihoods have a lot to be concerned about; fines will exceed the United States law calling for $11,000 per reported non-compliance.”
Headquartered in Glen Cove, NY, Compliance Systems Corporation (www.callcompliance.com), is a developer of technology-based compliance solutions for the teleservices industry. Its prime focus is ensuring 100 percent compliance with federal, state, and local government “Do-Not-Call” laws through its flagship patented product, TeleBlock, as well as its associated suite of telecommunication products.
Ottawa-based VanillaSoft is a lead management solution that focuses on simplifying the management of leads, sales reps, and call centers, and one of only three Canadian firms to offer the TeleBlock system. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, you’re inside sales group is an integral part of your revenue stream. If you are a call center, then productivity and quality are essential features of success. VanillaSoft's hosted, Web-based applications offer an affordable and easy-to-use solution for making the most of your outbound calling campaigns. Please visit www.vanillasoft.com for more information.
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Tim Gray is a Web Editor for TMCnet, covering news in the IP communications, call center and customer relationship management industries. To read more of Tim�s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Tim Gray

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