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Being Successful at Sales is the Sum of Many Variables

October 14, 2016
By Laura Stotler - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

When it comes to telemarketing, and sales in general, having deep knowledge and business savvy about your industry and the products and services you’re selling is one small part of the equation. There are a number of components that factor into a successful sales transaction, and those who wish to compete and actually win the business need to approach the situation with awareness of all the variables.

“Two people can both call on the same prospective client,” writes S. Anthony Iannarino, author and sales coach, in a recent blog post. “One of them can have deep business acumen and situational knowledge, while the other lacks both of these. The results will be as different as you might imagine, with one succeeding, and the other failing. It’s important that you be someone who knows how to create value and make a difference.”

How to make the difference and get that competitive edge is the critical component of any sales transaction. Being a good listener is an important part of the equation, and a well-prepared sales associate will bring a list of key questions to a meeting, designed to facilitate discussion and discovery with their prospects. No one likes to be talked at for a long period of time, so provoking a thoughtful conversation is always a better option and this can best be achieved by careful preparation.

Being optimistic is infectious, and a successful sales associate will keep their eye on the prize. Of course, winning a sale takes careful preparation, hard work and diligence, but maintaining a good attitude throughout the process can go a long way towards success.

Ultimately, becoming successful and seasoned at sales is the sum of a number of moving parts. Associates must be able to work hard, be prepared, and keep a positive attitude even if things don’t always go the way they envisioned. Learning from missteps and mistakes and using that knowledge constructively builds character and only strengthens your approach as you move forward toward success.

Edited by Alicia Young