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Keep Prospecting Skills Sharp with Regular Practice

November 03, 2016
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Prospecting is at the core of any sales organization. It’s the activity that fills the pipeline and keeps the organization afloat. It’s never a “one and done” job; it’s a process that should be attended to on a daily basis by people whose livelihood depends on it. Creating new opportunities should be the number one task on any salespersons’ list.

Of course, salespeople today have a lot on their lists. They attend to existing clients, iron out problems, create sales enablement materials, track and predict their sales, liaison with other departments, train new salespeople, justify their own performance and sit in endless rounds of meetings. When too many other activities crop up, less time is spent prospecting, and these skills can atrophy, according to a recent blog post by sales professional and author Anthony Iannarino.

“The more time you spend away from prospecting, the more your mindset atrophies,” Iannarino wrote. “Because you aren’t picking up the phone, the first thing to wither away into nothingness is your willingness to pick up the phone and call your dream client. As your willingness slowly dissolves, you find it more and more difficult to do the work that creates opportunities.”

Prospecting, of course, isn’t for the faint of heart, particularly when it involves activities such as cold-calling. There are few people who enjoy picking up the phone and trying to connect with prospects. Too many successful salespeople, according to Iannarino, believe they shouldn’t have to prospect and instead leave the hard work to inside sales or telemarketing agents.

“They start to believe that they should only be required to create value once a lead has been fully vetted and the prospect is ‘ready to buy,’ an incredibly poor practice,” he wrote. “If you stop prospecting, your prospecting muscles will atrophy. When later it becomes important for you to create opportunities, you will have lost your superpowers. You want to keep your mindset, keep your skills, and grow your confidence.”

This means picking up the telephone on a regular basis and attempting to connect with new lifeblood for the business. It doesn’t have to mean manual dialing, and it doesn’t have to be from cold sources. Telemarketing software solutions – many of which are Web-based today and easy to use – can help eliminate some of the manual effort and repetitive tasks that make prospecting such a dreaded task and use predictive or progressive dialing techniques that improve the likelihood of connections with a real human being. These solutions can also connect to your other sales platforms and automate the process of pre-call research, lead management and even scripting and appointment-setting.

Using effective inside sales management platforms, companies have reported being able to make five times as many connections on a daily basis. For seasoned sales professionals looking to brush up their prospecting skills, or increase the amount of leads coming across their desks, automation technology can go a long way toward taking some of the pain out of prospecting.  

Edited by Alicia Young