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Make Outbound Telemarketing Smarter and More Data Rich

November 08, 2016
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

While the challenges to outbound sales or telemarketing are mounting – call blocking technology, a proliferation in mobile phones, legislation barring the use of dialers and automated messages – for companies willing to put in the work and follow the rules, the results can be lucrative.

Manual cold calling has gone (hopefully) the way of the fax machine. Today, companies can improve their chances of making a connection using smarter dialers that can increase the chances of making a connection. Companies can also improve their chances of success by ensuring outbound sales reps have all the tools and information at their disposal that they require to do a good job. According to a recent blog post by VanillaSoft’s Genie Parker, proper integration with the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system is vital to improve efficiency and success rates.

“An organization can optimize telemarketing workflow by configuring automations for scheduling, tracking, data capturing, data retrieval and responsiveness – to name a few – when you incorporate a customer relationship management (CRM) solution,” she wrote.

Automation is another tool that can help improve the connections and reduce the footwork of traditional outbound telemarketing.

“A queue-based lead management system contributes to strengthening your presence within the industry due to a variety of options,” wrote Parker. “This specific platform automatically presents reps with state-of-the-art prioritization techniques, and integrates powerful management controls that allow you to keep tabs on the process.”

Queue-based lead management is a technology that allows managers to benchmark agent or rep performance against key performance indicators (KPI). By automating the process more, it can also increase the average calls per hours, provide more contact attempts, lower the lead decay rate and accelerate response time. The result is less time wasted on rote activities, and managers can see an immediate connection between certain sales behaviors and improvements in results. (With most companies, this information is available only days or weeks later, if it becomes available at all.)

“When you can develop a successful lead management strategy based on productivity, list penetration, control and efficiency, you will exceed your goals,” wrote Parker. “Thus, this leads to increased ROI [return on investment] with few resources; greater clarity over marketing decisions; increases visibility of TSR’s (News - Alert) engagement; shortens time managing processes and give you more availability to focus on all areas of growth.”

Using smart lead management solutions, companies can centralize their data and ensure that all reps are working from the same sales enablement materials. This way, sales organizations can eliminate duplicated efforts, errors and omissions, and ensure reps have the latest and greatest information at their disposal. Going further, data-selection tools built into many of these solutions allow sales reps to maximize performance metrics.

“You can build queries based on a custom field, call history data and script responses,” wrote Parker. “Perform different actions on your query results, including changes to your queue, mass-update of fields, mail merging, save custom queries and add more personalized information.”

Outbound telemarketing is already a hard job. By putting the right tools in place, automating many of the processes and tracking the results in real-time, managers can help make agents’ jobs easier, and see better results from their campaigns. 

Edited by Alicia Young