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Seven Ways to Boost Your Sales with Limited Resources

January 03, 2017
By Special Guest
Veronica Hanks, Senior Business Analyst, Algoworks -

Are you a small business owner who is struggling to differentiate your businesses’ services against the competition? Do you want to improve your sales, but are unable to do it with limited resources? Don’t worry; in this blog post we are sharing seven surefire ways to augment your small business sales with limited resources.

1. Narrow Your Target (News - Alert) Market

Some small business owners often worry that shrinking their target market will leave them with few customers to go after. But, you should keep in mind that going after a specific (useful) slice of the market is an excellent way to get your auspicious customers to notice you among other companies competing for their business.

2. Get your own website

In this digital era, you have to digitize your business to get more prospective customers from all over the world. A well-built website reflects your expertise towards your business. Building a good website is a costly affair. If you have tight budget, you can also choose a free website building platform like wix. After logging into your wix website, you can get many excellent tools and techniques to build your own website.

3. Become an Expert in your Market

Being proficient in your business domain brings more business, credibility and referrals. But, you have to work hard to gain expertise. It definitely takes more than merely listing your USPs on your site; you need to prove yourself as a trusted company by providing excellent services.

Owners of small businesses are hosting free workshops, writing informative blogs, and giving away newsletters and white papers– all great channels for sharing valuable information with your target audience and improving credibility of your company in your field.

4. Your messaging should suit your target audience

After identifying your target audience and jotting down your key differentiators, review your marketing programs and messaging to make sure you are touching the right client base with a relevant message. You may also need to consider your branding and company name to make sure it hits home and reflects your niche.

5. Prioritize Your Targets

Another way to enhance your sales is to rank prospects according to profitability. From freelancers to accounting firms, anyone can do this. Take a look at your customer base and determine which gives you more profit. This will help you weed out inefficient tasks so that you can focus on the things that make the most sense to pursue.

Besides profitability, you should identify your client profiles that are most satisfied with your work. These potential customers are the ones who are referring your goods and services to their neighbors and friends. You need to do specific research work. Do they live in a certain neighborhood or represent a particular demographic group? Perhaps they have some similar challenges or requirements that can help you fine-tune your sales strategies.

 6. Promote Your Differentiators

You have to do an introspection to find out your differentiators. You should figure out what makes your goods and services different. Understanding and promoting this can really boost your sales, and can shift the focus from price alone.

7. Try to sell more to your existing customers

After identifying your top-spending and loyal customers, you should think of creative ways to offer these customers more. It is not as confusing as it sounds. It's as simple as VIP or loyalty programs that provide incentives such as early access to new products, promotions, and services, rewards points, and more. This type of customer appreciation can help keep you top of mind, driving referrals and repeat business.

Wrapping Up

Promoting your brand and boosting your sales is not a herculean task. With effective strategies and hard work, you can channelize your business efforts and imprint your brand in the mind of your target customers. If you follow the abovementioned tips, I'm sure you will not only boost your sales, but also get referrals and satisfied customers.

Edited by Alicia Young

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