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Telemarketing Software Helps Sales Improve the Customer Experience

January 10, 2017
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

If your sales department isn’t performing as well as you’d like it to, it may be time to step back and determine whether your people and processes are meeting changing customer needs. What customers want out of a buying transaction has changed in recent years, and their needs have become more complex thanks to a broadening global market. This means that the nature of selling also needs to change.

Companies need to understand how customers are researching products and services, and where they are going for information (often, social media and Internet discussion boards). They need to be aware of what competitors are doing and ensure that customers are seeing their own messages at least as often as they are seeing those of competitors. To prioritize the needs of customers, companies must first understand what customers want.

In a recent blog post for sales consultancy TLSA, Brett Lyons wrote that sales organizations that wish to succeed need to seek ways to improve the customer experience.

“Sales plans and activities must become more closely aligned with, and focus on, customers’ needs,” he wrote. “Therefore, the recruitment and training of skilled, driven and open salespeople is essential to a company’s success in delivering customer service. The importance of skilling-up sales people must not be underestimated. Within this transition to a customer-oriented business vision, managers and teams must stay agile and responsive to changes in the market, equipped with contemporary training and development plans that keep them on top of their game.”

Automation can also help sales personnel stick to new strategies by ensuring that all processes are being followed, follow-ups with prospects and customers are happening when they need to, and sales enablement materials such as case studies, white papers, videos and more are being offered to customers at the right time and with the right levels of personalization. Telemarketing software or sales software can help with this automation and cut down on the administrative work so sales people can spend more time selling, paying attention to the customer experience and personalizing experiences.

“Focusing on the customer experience, a substantial exercise that takes time, research and a solid strategy,” wrote Lyons.

While it’s up to the sales manager to determine the customer experience cultivation strategy, automation or telemarketing software can ensure the strategy is being followed. Telemarketing software can help sales teams follow proper lead nurturing techniques that will bolster the customer experience. It can help sales professionals build credibility with customers and offer them value in the form of the right content at the right time. Lead nurturing is about creating a personal relationship by providing targeted solutions for customers’ unique situations. It’s this personalization at the right time with the right materials that will bolster the customer experience and lead to better selling. 

Edited by Alicia Young