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Sales Talent Can Use Software to Deep Practice and Improve Performance

January 24, 2017
By Laura Stotler - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Sales talent, like all professional talent, must be nurtured and cultivated to foster continuous growth and success. And while there are a number of obvious variables and benchmarks for assessing success and performance, there are also some less conventional ways that sales and telemarketing managers can help their staff members grow and thrive.

A recent article for Smart Selling Tools discusses Deep Practice, the process of slowing down and analyzing each step of a particular practice. While this theory may be applied to all types of professional and personal projects as well, it offers some specific benefits for the sales and telemarketing arena. Deep Practice entails analyzing a process and stopping it when an error occurs, then practicing the specific problematic skill until it is perfected before moving on. By repeating, reassessing and fixing specific skills, workers learn to problem solve through immediate feedback and error correction.

When applied to real-life sales scenarios, this process isn’t really practical. Stopping, repeating and fine-tuning a technique in the middle of a sales pitch or presentation is generally not going to yield desirable results. However, sales professionals can use Deep Practice in other ways to improve their performance and evolve their techniques.

Role playing software and video applications enable salespeople to run through scenarios and repeat mistakes in private and then analyze their performance and make improvements. These types of offerings can be wonderful assets for enabling analysis, correction and repetition. Another valuable way sales professionals can utilize Deep Practice is through “chunking.” This entails looking at a task as one big chunk and then dividing it into its smallest possible chunks. Then, through repetition and practice, sales talent can figure out the best way to assemble and architect the chunks to achieve the greatest results.

They say practice makes perfect and that’s certainly true in the sales and telemarketing world. By taking advantage of software and solutions that allow for mistakes, repetition and error correcting, sales talent can use the process of Deep Practice to improve performance and yield the best and most profitable results.

Edited by Alicia Young