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Text Messaging and the Modern Sales Team

January 31, 2017
By Stefania Viscusi - Assignment Desk, Content Management

Sales teams today are constantly up against a challenge to deliver optimal care for customers and potential customers. But doing so without crossing a line, or possibly turning customers off can be tricky.  This fine line makes it difficult to guess which channels of communication to use and which to forget about.

Mobile devices are arguably the most important gadgets customers of today own. They can contact a company over the phone, log into its website, or send a text message all using this one device. And the market for mobile devices shows no signs of slowing. That means your company needs to be ready and able to respond to inquiries and successfully pitch leads using all of these channels.

How can modern sales teams learn to use text messaging for leads and prospects without crossing the line?

A recent VanillaSoft blog looks at the ways sales teams can be successful using text messaging in their arsenal of tools.

Firstly, it’s important to ensure your sales team is capable of making logical choices. This will be an important skill when texting especially because the quick response rate and number of Emojis at a users fingertips can easily cause a misunderstanding – or worse – when it comes to customers.

You should also seek reps who are already well versed at texting and who can understand the importance of getting the right response out in a timely manner.

You’ll want to think about the demographic of your customers – Does your audience already prefer to use texting to communicate? Or are they from a generation who still wants to get a phone call and see mail coming to them on paper? 

The cost savings and efficiency provided by utilizing texting are major. As more and more people become comfortable with their mobile devices we’re going see this communications channel become the norm. Now’s the perfect time to figure out the best way to be successful with texting – This way you’re ready when all your leads are sitting at the other end of a text. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle