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You Have Three Seconds to Make an Email Marketing Impression

February 28, 2017
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

What are some things you can do in three seconds? There’s more than you might think. You can open the fridge and glance over the contents. You can decide if the program on TV is one you want to watch (and change the channel if it’s not). You can glance over a book cover to see if it’s something that interests you. And you can look over the contents of an email and decide if it’s relevant to you. (If you’re quick, you can probably delete it, too.)

Three seconds is the amount of time that sales prospects take to look at your email and decide whether it’s worth reading or suitable for deleting. Three seconds is all it takes to succeed in gaining a prospect’s interest, or losing their attention, possibly forever. Feeling the pressure? You should. But the information is helpful next time you’re crafting a lead prospecting email campaign. If you’re spending time arguing about the precise wording of the closing of the email, you may wish to ensure you spend maximum time on the basics, or the things that can be seen in three seconds.

So what are these immediate factors you need to get right? While the experts differ, there are a few generally accepted rules for email marketing.

Avoid clickbait titles. Sure, it’s tempting to believe your product or service is SO great, that prospects will actually believe, for the very first time in history, that retailers/distributors/resellers/etc. would be “furious” if you were to know “this one trick.” In 2017, it’s the marketing version of gum on the sidewalk: no one wants to touch that.

Don’t make it too busy. If the lead is only going to take three seconds to look at your email, you’ll overwhelm him or her if you provide too much information. The prospect will think, “I don’t have time to look at all that” and find justification to delete your email.

The right subject line. One study found that subject lines made up of between 61 to 70 characters had the highest open rates. These emails were opened twice as often than those with over 100 characters. However, emails opened on computer desktops show more characters compared to those opened on mobile devices, so understand your target market and craft your subject line accordingly.

A call to action. You’re not just trying to “raise awareness.” You’re trying to get your prospect to do something: sign up for a newsletter, read a blog, submit their information, download a coupon, etc. Be sure your email has a call to action.

Ensure relevance. By segmenting your list of email prospects correctly – something that’s easy to do with lead management software that’s often part of telemarketing software – you can be sure you’re sending the right email offers to the right prospects. If you’re not, the email will be deleted in less than three seconds. 

Edited by Alicia Young