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The Powerful Role of Technology in Inside Sales

February 28, 2017
By Laura Stotler - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Any discussion of sales technology invariably revolves around the customer, and how advances in customer-facing tools and communication channels can improve the overall sales experience. But sales technology tools also greatly impact and benefit the actual sales process, including the broad realm of “inside sales.”

Also described as remote or virtual sales, or more recently, “cloud-based sales,” inside sales encompass all types of sales beyond traditional face-to-face transactions. Technology has played a massive role in moving sales out of the field and inside, so to speak, and there are a number of advantages enabled by technology tools and solutions. A recent blog post from VanillaSoft, a company that specializes in technology for CRM and inside sales, outlines some of the ways technology enables this growing channel for conducting sales.

The first benefit is to the overall workflow of the sales process. Both CRM and AI technology tools simplify lead workflows, and lead management is one of the most important components of an inside sale. Advances in software and solutions have enabled creation of custom workflows for automatically sorting and routing leads and moving prospects through the entire sales pipeline more efficiently.

Technology advances are also beneficial for the prospecting and research portions of the sales process, providing quick online access to background information, statistics, social media posts and online reviews. This type of background material is invaluable to the inside sales process, and is often available directly within a lead management solution platform.

Improved communication is one of the main ways technology has impacted the inside sales process, offering queue-based routing, a progressive auto dialer and logical branch scripting. These processes increase call productivity while also improving efficiency, a huge benefit to the entire sales workflow. Once leads have been established, technology can enhance future interactions as well, with features like online meetings and video chats, which replace the need for in-person meetings and demonstrations. Additional communication features can include automated emails, social media management and SMS messaging, which are all becoming popular components of omni-channel communications.

Improved tracking and reporting capabilities are yet another way technology is transforming inside sales and the entire sales process. These processes help sales managers focus on key performance indicators to ensure representatives are on track and meeting their goals. Technology tools also enable managers to drill down and examine metrics like call duration, number of follow-ups and average sales. Additionally, they help sales teams stay on top of call performance, quality control and areas that may require training.

The sales world is moving inside, driven by technology trends like mobility, the cloud and demand for omni-channel communications. Sales teams can make the most of this phenomenon by utilizing all the available technology tools to facilitate the inside sales process, benefiting businesses and customers alike.

Edited by Alicia Young