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Improve Engagement With Catchy Email Subject Lines

April 11, 2017
By Alicia Young - Web Editor

In today’s omnichannel world, there are a variety of ways for telemarketers and salespeople to reach out to potential consumers. Cold calling is always a viable option, although implementing telemarketing software makes that scenario much better for everyone by providing the callers with valuable background information on the customer. Other methods include emailing and going around to businesses in person. These are all effective methods, but email outreach tends to run into problems when salespeople forget about the importance of the subject line.

Most of us, whether we’re in sales or not, have a tendency to reread our emails several times before sending them out. We want to sound professional, knowledgeable and approachable, which is why we spend so much time perfecting the copy within our emails. However, a lot of the time, recipients may not even read that perfect copy. Why? Because the subject line didn’t draw them in.

According to a recent blog post by Genie Parker writing for VanillaSoft, personalized subject lines are the key to email outreach success. She suggests salespeople make email subject lines creative, interest-provoking and informative. However, it’s important not to give too much information away, or else the customer won’t find it necessary to click on the email. You want to entice them to learn more, so that they get a chance to read more about what you’re offering.

Parker writes that there are six helpful subject lines that have been tried, tested and verified to work for sales outreach:

Contacting You At [Referral’s] Suggestion: This legitimizes the outreach email. If the outreach is occurring as a result of a referral, the recipient is more likely to read the information because they believe that the person who referred them knows them well enough to suggest something relevant.

DO NOT OPEN (News - Alert) THIS EMAIL: This is a classic example of reverse psychology that actually works.

10X [Lead’s Company’s] Traction In 10 Minutes: Using numbers in subject lines will help the email stand out from the crowd, and will hopefully inspire some curiosity.

Permission To Close Your File?: As Parker points out, “…breaking up IS hard to do. And this pseudo breakup email subject line puts the onus on the prospect to move forward.”

You Are Not Alone: This is a great opportunity for personalization. It speaks directly to the customer, and can make them curious about what the email is about. With this type of subject line, you want to make sure the email content is extremely relevant to something the recipient believes in strongly or is going through.

[NAME], WE CAN HELP YOU WITH [GOAL]: Referring to someone by name is a tried and true way to make someone feel special. Including a specific name and goal makes it obvious to the customer that they’re not just receiving the email by chance, along with 100 other people. A personalized sales email shows that someone took the time to reach out to them, which means they will be more inclined to read the email.