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Telemarketing Software Can Save Sales Opportunities

April 11, 2017
By Alicia Young - Web Editor

Telemarketing is a lot of work, and salespeople certainly don’t get enough credit. Consumers don’t often consider the amount of effort that was put into make a sales phone call happen. Finding leads can be difficult, especially if salespeople don’t have the right telemarketing software on hand. However, following up on those leads and making sales can prove to be even more difficult.

Scott Amerson, VP of Sales at VanillaSoft, discusses the art of sales in a recent blog post titled “Frustrating and Avoidable Causes of Lost Sales Opportunities.” He writes, “ (News - Alert) reported that when a lead is called within five minutes of sending an information request, they are ten times more likely to respond and four times more likely to be a qualified lead. Sadly, the same report indicates that 71 percent of Internet-generated leads are not called.”

Seventy-one percent is an unsettling number. Consider for a moment how many lost sales that is. That 71 percent represents a good amount of revenue that the company is missing out on. Granted, it is easy for telemarketers to let some leads fall through the cracks. They make countless calls each day and, thanks to the new omnichannel approach, they also have to worry about keeping track of Web, chat and social media channels as well.

Still, those uncalled leads are missed opportunities that could have benefited the company. However, there is a solution: telemarketing software. VanillaSoft’s Queue-Based Priority Lead Routing software routes and distributes leads automatically.

According to the site, “First, VanillaSoft ensures that new Web leads, trigger leads or purchased leads are handled and routed in the most productive manner. Next, your leads are placed back in the call queue in order of importance based on the result of the call!”

Through this lead management automation, it becomes much easier for telemarketers to keep track of who they’ve called, and who they still need to reach out to. With any luck, this solution can help bring that 71 percent to a much lower number.