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Technology Can Augment and Manage the Sales Follow-Up Process

April 27, 2017
By Laura Stotler - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

In the difficult and sensitive sales and marketing cycle, following up on leads can be even more important than making that initial call. Persistence and quality are the key ingredients for a successful follow-through process, particularly as the representatives look for ways to bring more value to the table and differentiate themselves and their companies and solutions.

Technology can be an infinitely useful tool when it comes to timely and persistent follow-ups. But according to CRM technology company VanillaSoft, technology can also be a hindrance and complicate the entire sales cycle when used incorrectly. For instance, using too many applications and tools throughout the sales process can actually slow down representatives as they attempt to log interactions in various systems and pull data from multiple locations.

The key to successfully implementing technology tools to aid and improve the follow-up process, is to move toward fewer applications and a comprehensive and simplified technology strategy. Sales organizations should aim to map out follow-up steps and requirements using automation and defined logic to achieve success. Technology tools should be able to keep track of when the follow-up should happen after the lead comes in and which representative will be handling the lead. Solutions can also map out how sequential follow-ups will be carried out and when, and will outline how the representative will communicate with the lead based on history and preferences. Finally, a good technology tool will enable clear messaging for all parties involved.

There are a few variables that are critical to properly managing the sales process to ensure follow-ups are successful. One of the most obvious goals representatives should strive for is a short time between lead submission and follow-up time. Being the first to respond to a query is an easy way to differentiate a company from its competitors. Technology can also be beneficial for automating call cadence, including aggregating past sales data and best practices metrics to determine the best timing for additional follow-ups.

Matching the proper sales representative to a lead is a critical part of the follow-up process, and technology solutions can help make the best match based on a whole host of metrics. Similarly, technology can ensure messaging is consistent throughout the sales process, keeping sales representatives on point and aligned with brand and company goals. Technology solutions can also keep track of how different contacts prefer to communicate, empowering leads and prospects and helping companies maintain omni-channel lines of communication.

Simplicity is key when implementing technology to augment and manage the sales cycle and lead follow-ups. By properly deploying the correct solution that aligns with an organization’s specific sales process and goals, sales teams can stay on top of the all-important follow-up process and generate more business and revenue.

Edited by Alicia Young