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The Importance of Sales Lead Tracking Solutions

May 17, 2017
By Laura Stotler - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Sales technology tools are about empowering associates to achieve the best success rates, no matter which channel they happen to be working in. A comprehensive CRM solution documents and augments the sales process from lead to close, offering important tracking and historical data throughout the entire sales cycle.

Sales lead tracking is an important part of that cycle and process, and data reveals that companies that use sales lead tracking systems and software retain a higher lead-to-close ratio than those who do not. According to the sales and CRM specialists at VanillaSoft, companies that fail to take advantage of a sales lead tracking solution suffer from lower productivity levels and potentially lose out on sales. The company recently offered several reasons why sales lead tracking software can be beneficial to a brand and business.

Organization is one of the best reasons to make the switch to an automated technology solution instead of a spreadsheet for tracking leads. Software specifically designed to organize leads helps track the buyer’s journey throughout the entire sales cycle and also offers information to sales associates about the lead source and status and how it fits into the overall prospective buyer profile. Automating this process through specialized software also improves efficiencies for salespeople, who are not required to perform repetitive data entry. This frees up associates’ time to focus on revenue generating tasks.

A specialized sales lead tracking solution also gives prospects and buyers the personalization they are demanding in today’s competitive communications climate. Software offers background information and helps representatives tailor messages using customizable templates and automation along with workflow scripting. Software also generally provides reporting and forecasting features, and ensures the most current and accurate data is available to associates.

The end result is that businesses can retain more customers as it is easier to keep up on communications and contract renewals through an automated system. Lead distribution is also easier since a sales lead tracking system will automatically route leads based on a variety of relevant parameters. The entire sales process is improved overall, since data may be analyzed by management to determine which tactics are working and to improve on methods that may not be working as well.

Automating the sales lead tracking process is a no brainer for companies that want to boost productivity and efficiencies and maintain a good lead-to-close ratio. By freeing up sales associates from tedious logging, routing and tracking tasks, they can focus on revenue generation and keeping prospects and customers engaged and happy.

Edited by Alicia Young