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Email Templates Are Important to Sales Strategy

June 07, 2017
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

While email may be considered by some (think: your teenage millennials) to be a communications channel of the past, in marketing and sales, it’s still one of the most relevant vehicles for staying in touch with customers and providing them with relevant content marketing. Email has good open rates, and the current trend toward mobile email has even better open rates. Simply put, email marketing is something no company can afford to skimp on.

That said, not everyone’s an expert, and not every company can afford to pay experts to do it. For this reason, email marketing services that often come as a feature in marketing automation solutions or telemarketing software are valuable. But engaging in email marketing isn’t just for the marketing department, according to a recent blog post by Josiane Feigon, President of TeleSmart Communications, writing for VanillaSoft.

“It is important to realize that sending out emails when you are prospecting is your job as a salesperson and not the marketing organizations’ job,” she wrote. “They may be doing larger lead generation email marketing campaigns but this should not discourage you from sending your emails.”

Emails are particularly relevant when they’re included as one channel of a multichannel customer outreach initiative.

“Email templates are part of your tools inventory; your emails are constantly evolving documents and today’s emails should be shorter with strong subject lines. They need to be part of your ‘triple threat’ arsenal which includes voice mail + email+ LinkedIn (News - Alert)= high response.”

Marketing automation or telemarketing solutions provide a variety of email templates that salespeople can use to address different opportunities, such as welcoming a new customer who has visited the website, offering content such as white papers, encouraging prospects to sign up for Webinars, requesting appointments or upselling existing customers. (And this list is just for starters.) Email templates help you get the look and feel of the email right (even down to the subject line, which is critical to master).

Feigon offers an example: a “multiple attempts” email template that sales personnel can use when reaching out to the same person multiple times. Changing each attempt helps keep the approach fresh, as no one likes to be bombarded with the same message repeatedly.

  • First attempt email: The “lite” introduction
  • Second attempt email: More specific information customized to the prospect
  • Third attempt email: The ROI on your product/service
  • Fourth attempt email: This is the break-up email AKA “Going . . . going . . .  gone!”

Sales departments can build their email template libraries (and even create templates of their own) to grow and evolve. It’s important to use the emails as part of a larger strategy.

“As you accumulate your templates, trade with your peers so you will have a robust list,” wrote Feigon. “Remember you want to press ‘send’ while leaving a voice mail to leverage your email in this ‘Dynamic Duo’ outreach strategy.”