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How to Improve Online Customer Service

July 31, 2017
By Special Guest
Leena Boor, Community Contributor -

An online transaction is so much less personal than the interaction that happens in a face to face scenario in brick and mortar establishments. However, this does not mean that excellent customer service is not necessary. If you want to make your customers come back you have to treat them as they expect to be treated. If you want to improve customer service, here is what you may want to consider.

Keeping In Touch

It is always a good idea to remain connected with the customers after a purchase is done. You can do this by sending out a monthly email that includes links to special deals, as you can see with this premium yoga shop. The email newsletter you send out can simply talk about sale items, include coupons, mention special offers or highlight brand new products that are in stock.

Take it to the next level and ask the birth date of the customers. When the day comes, your automatic system can send a coupon. Then, a thank you email is so effective in various situations. While we normally do not see all this email based communication as a part of customer service, it is if you use it in a proper way by encouraging communication and repeat visits.

Improve Site Navigation

The most common reason why people leave a site in just a few seconds is that they do not find exactly what they’re looking for. This is highly frustrating. Examples of what people do not find include product information, return policies, shipping information, store credit data and refund policy information. You want to make the site as user friendly as possible with very easy navigation in order to help visitors find all the information they want. This is a big part of customer service when you make sure the following is present on the site and easy to find:

A detailed product page.

FAQ page to answer questions about everything of interest, from shipping policies to return policies.

Contact information in an area that is highly visible. Preferably, it should include a phone number and email, at minimum.

Proper Use Of Words

This is so common sense but many businesses just forget about it. The idea is to always be really polite when speaking with customers. Words like “Thank You,” “You Are Welcome” or “Please” are incredibly important. Whenever an error is made, the customer support team has to admit it. When you have customers that are really long term you want to send thank you gifts. Such extra attentions and proper use of key words in customer service goes a really long way in pleasing everyone.

Try To Exceed Expectations

Mistakes are surely going to happen since there is no person that is perfect but you do want to be sure that you do all that you can in order to exceed the expectations of the customers. As an example, whenever an item is not delivered, take it one step further and do not just apologize. Offer a discount or simply give that item away for free. Such efforts will go a long way towards turning a first time customer into a lifelong customer.