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How to Improve Morale in Sales

August 07, 2017
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

The David Mamet play and film Glengarry Glen Ross depict a world in which a nasty trainer attempts to motivate salesmen by creating a hostile environment in which they’re forced to fight for their jobs. But while some people believe in the power of coercion, the prevailing wisdom is that treating employees with respect can be a whole lot more effective.

And in a recent blog for VanillaSoft, Genie Parker offers some tips on how to help salespeople, even when they’re struggling. Parker is a VanillaSoft employee with three decades of experience in sales and marketing. Prior to joining the company, she co-founded successful boutique outbound call center Parker, Murray and Associates.

In the blog, Parker writes that when a salesperson’s morale is low, he or she will not perform at their highest possible level. And, she notes, morale can be adversely affected when a sales call doesn’t go well.

When these situations occur, she says, management should be understanding and help individuals get back on track. First, she says, leaders should give reps the space and time they need to decompress. “A quick walk outside for a breath of fresh air and mind-clearing walk can help someone move on more easily to the next lead,” she says.

A great outlet for salespeople to know they’re not alone in having rough sales calls is via regular team meetings in which people are encouraged to discuss their worst calls, she adds. “These meetings will give your employees a chance to sympathize with each other and receive advice from their peers – many of whom are likely facing similar issues,” she says.

This kind of meeting also opens the door to conversations about how they may have been able to steer the call in a more positive direction; how they reacted and whether they could’ve reacted more appropriately; and what to do if similar situations arise in the future.

Parker goes on to provide a handful of additional tips for sales managers and some suggestions for salespeople as well. To get those tips, visit this link.

Edited by Alicia Young